As a art creator my pleasure is in being neutral impartial and independent with one way mission to empower and inspire communities around the world order to create a better future full of diversity, equal rights, freedom of expression, tolerance, understanding and acceptance. I aim to encourage people to see their own body and surrounding things  in a way in which they have never seen it before. My work draws on the power of  pure emotions, liberations and self indulgence. It is also influenced on the lifestyle I live, where there are no boundaries. I live in a space where my thoughts are not restricted, where my opinion matters.

I like to live young and free, like a child, without any obligations and boundaries. 


Akshay mali, an influential contemporary photographer is known for capturing freedom of human form in a carefree way. In initial phase, of his career he approached people for shoots but no one was willing to work with him as he was not having any work to show. So he began to take his own portraits. Eventually, people started loving his lifestyle and the way he works. After the people started responding positively to his work he gave opportunities to those people who were willing to be carefree just like him. He started shootings them raw when they they were unconscious about their behaviour. Now he is experimenting on various kinds of human forms and his aim behind this is every person should be represented. 

This young carefree artist who was born in Satara, a small town in Maharashtra, India , was raised by loving parents in a happy family. Being naughty from childhood itself, he never liked to study but was always interested in exploring new things. Harder his parents were trying to mould him in a well behaved child,  more he was encouraged to break the restrictions imposed on him. During seventh grade he was sent to a boarding school where he has to let go all his freedom and fence himself within boundaries. The scream for getting free was suppressed inside him for four years. After getting out from there he just blasted and started enjoying that instinct of liberating society from those stereotypes with all his little actions. The screams made him so restless that the urge to bring about change grew so fast inside him. Up till now, he use to leave boundaries behind, but now boundaries don't exist.